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KennyI have been asked by My job at FOX Sports TV and 3 radio stations to give my view of the tragic accident involving the death of Kevin Ward Jr in CANANDAIGUA, N.Y while racing against Tony Stewart … I hesitated to give my view but after a day of thinking about it we need to learn why this happened … I am INCREDIBLY Sorry and SAD to the Kevin Ward Jr Family … I am a equal part owner with Tony Stewart and Kenny Schrader and Bob Sargent of our DIRT track in Macon Illinois at MACON SPEEDWAY … I have been racing on DIRT tracks for 10 years all over the United States and Canada and this year I have raced more than 60 DIRT races … About once a month I see drivers do the EXACT same thing Kevin Ward Jr did … They get out of the race car after a wreck and walk “ON” the race track surface while cars are still going in circles to confront the CAR and driver they had the wreck with … I have ALWAYS thought it was dangerous … After I watched the video of the accident “Over and Over” it was clear to me that the RACING INDUSTRY needs to come together and STOP the driver from walking on the race track while cars are still going around at a good rate of speed … I BLAME NO ONE AND THE BLAME GAME IS NOT A GOOD ROAD TO TRAVEL … This accident was a “Cautionary Tale” that happens every week at all race tracks around the world and now needs to be banned.